gvNIX 1.5.1.RC1 available

The gvSIG Association is pleased to announce that first gvNIX 1.5.1 Release Candidate (gvNIX 1.5.1 RC1) has been released.

gvNIX is an open source tool for rapid application development (RAD) with which you can create Java web applications in minutes, allowing a fast development of geoportals for visualization and data management.

This release is built over Spring Roo 1.3.2. It includes important bug fixes and many improvements.

This new release includes highlights improvements on Geo component with the the improvements on Leaftlet library and bug fixes on the Datatables component.

gvNIX 1.5.1.RC1 can be downloaded from the gvNIX website, where you can consult its novelties.