gvSIG 2.3.1, a new gvSIG version with improvements oriented to cadastre

After publishing gvSIG 2.3 scarcely a month ago, a gvSIG version with a lot of new features, we announce a new version, gvSIG 2.3.1, with a small group of novelties oriented to make the work tasks related to cadastral information easy. This version can be downloaded from the project website.

At this way, the new plugin for GML importing and generation has been included, with INSPIRE format for Cadastre. At least in Spain, the General Management for Cadastre uses a GML format (XML with geographic contents) to describe cadastral parcels in IT field. The cadastral parcel format that has been used, achieves with the INSPIRE cadastral parcel standard defined in INSPIRE Data Specification on Cadastral Parcels - Guidelines version 3.0.1.

The current plugin for cadastral searching has been updated too, improving some usability issues.

Taking advantage of this new version, several errors that have been detected by the gvSIG community have been fixed too, therefore we encourage users to update to this version.

Finally, we remind you that all the gvSIG 2.3 documentation for users as well as for developers is available online.