gvNIX 1.5.1.RC2 released

The gvSIG Association is pleased to announce that gvNIX 1.5.1.RC2 has been released.

This release is built over Spring Roo 1.3.2. It provides bug fixes and minor enhancements on Geo component, Loupe Component, Menu and Theme.

Let's take a tour over gvNIX 1.5.1.RC2.

Improvements and fixed errors

Geo Component

  • Added support for adding a new map element before generate GEO web layer
  • Fixed Datatable filter error
  • Added dialog filter by default on the map view

Loupe Component

  • Fixed additionalFields error
  • Added validation HideUtilBox property in configuration
  • Fixed Boolean variables problem
  • Added menu update tags command
  • Solving problems with Listeners Menu


  • Including new attributes on jQuery and Bootstrap tagx components

Reference documentation

  • Documentation complete review

Are you Rooing?

Enjoy with gvNIX and Spring Roo.