MOOC Cycle "GIS for Users" free of charge

The gvSIG-Training e-Learning platform opens its registration period for the MOOC cycle "gvSIG for Users" in English, offered by gvSIG Association, in collaboration with GISMAP.

This cycle is made up of three different Modules:

  • Module 1: "Introduction to GIS" (starting on the 4th of May 2015)
  • Module 2: "Layer Editing" (starting on the 25th of May 2015)
  • Module 3: "Raster Analysis" (starting on Autumn 2015)

It will lead participants to how to use and exploit the potentiality of the open source software gvSIG while performing the most common GIS activities. This Course is both addressed to beginners and skilled GIS users who want to learn how to use this software.

The Course is open in continuous form and each module requires a participants engagement of around thirty hours.

Participants can thus plan individually the time to allocate to the course and complete all the scheduled activities without interfering with their daily work.

This Course is completely free of charge except for those participants asking for the corresponding credits of the gvSIG user certification program from the gvSIG Association, that is submitted to the payment of 40 Euros for each module or 100 Euros for the whole cycle.

For further information about topics, goals…:

For registration, you have to press "Enroll" at the corresponding Module, and then accept the "Site policy agreement". Finally you will have to register at the web page, or login if you were registered already.