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gvSIG Desktop is a powerful geographic information system (GIS) designed to offer a free solution to all needs related to geographic information management. It is characterized as a comprehensive, easy to use sollution, it adapts to the needs of any GIS user. Access to the most common formats, both vector and raster, both local and remote is possible. It integrates with OGC standards, and has a large number of tools to work with geographic information (visualization, mapping, geoprocessing, networks, etc.). All this features make gvSIG an ideal tool for users working with the territorial component.

gvSIG is used by a growing international community, in several sectors and applications.

Some of its main features are:

  • Portable: runs on different hardware / software, Linux, Windows and Mac OS. The programming language is Java.

  • Modular: is extensible with new functionality through the development of extensions, allowing a continuous improvement of the software as well as the development of custom solutions.

  • Open Source: under the GNU/GPL license, allowing free use, distribution, study and improvement.

  • Interoperable with solutions already implemented: it can access data from other proprietary programs, including ArcView, AutoCAD or Microstation without data conversion.

  • Multilingual: is available in more than twenty languages (Spanish, English, German, Italian ,...) and allows the addition of new languages easily.

  • Under standards: following the guidelines set by the Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC).


In gvSIG Desktop we can find a wide range of functionalities, integrating several areas of GIS applications:

Vector: Access to vector formats, databases, navigation, query, selection, analysis and geoprocessing, graphic editing and alphanumeric symbology, labeling, cartographic layout, data conversion to other formats and projection systems, relationships between tables, statistics, normalization, ... gvSIG Desktop_vectorial_01_mini 
Raster and remote sensing: access to raster formats, color tables and gradient, cropping of data and bands, and export layer, pixel processing, color processing, overviews generation, radiometric enhancements, histograms, raster reprojection , georeferencing, automatic vectorization, bands algebra, defining regions of interest, supervised and unsupervised classification, decision trees, fusion of images, mosaics, scatter diagrams, ... gvSIG Desktop_raster 01_mini
Spatial Data Infrastructures and standards: access to remote services using OGC standards (WMS, WFS, WFS-T, WCS), access by non-standard services (ArcIMS, ECWP) catalog search service, gazetteer service, access standard file formats, OGC publishing extension, ...  gvSIG Desktop_IDE 01_mini
Networks: network topology, stops management, shortest path, service area, nearest event, origin-destination matrix, minimum spanning trees, connectivity, ... gvSIG Desktop_redes 01_mini
3D: 3D view flat, spherical 3D view, support all formats and remote services, elevation layers, vector layers with heights, 3D layers, direct visualization of vector layers or through the rasterization of vector layers, 3D symbols, extrusion vector layers, georeferencing and editing 3D objects, 3D frames, 3D Animation system, selection, information, stereo visualization (anaglyph, horizontal split, etc), full-screen display, geographical search by name (gazeeteer ),...  gvSIG Desktop_3D 01_mini



Access to official stable versions of gvSIG, both for application as the various extensions that exist: [Download gvSIG Desktop]

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