General Rules

Two types of communications have been defined: presentation or poster.

The presentations will be exposed in an oral way during the course of the Conference.

The posters will be exposed in an area intended for it.

Those interested on doing any of the two communications' type should fill in the communications presentation form (document in .odt format; this format can be visualized using the free LibreOffice or OpenOffice application). The summary should make clear the objective of the study, the methodology used and the main results achieved. The summary should be sent to the following email address: It will be also necessary to explain which type of communication (presentation or poster) is preferred. The deadline for the reception of summaries can be consulted at the "Important dates" section.

The communication proposals will be evaluated by the scientific committee, which will accept or decline to include them in the program.

The communications have to be preferably related to the gvSIG products (gvSIG Desktop, gvSIG Online, Geopaparazzi/gvSIG Mobile, gvSIG Crime, gvSIG Roads, gvSIG Educa, GeoTIC, gvNIX, i3GEO...) and the following issues will be also be considered in the evaluation:

  • Innovation.
  • Usefulness for the GIS community.
  • Usefulness for the free open source community.

The scientific committee will also take into account that the exposition of the work offers:

  • Adequate theoretical foundations.
  • Analytical rigor.
  • Notable conclusions.
  • Capacity for generalization and systematization.

The committee will contact the authors to inform them about the acceptance of the presented papers.

In case your contribution is accepted, the authors will have the possibility of developing a more detailed article of the study to be presented.

The article should follow the editing rules specified in the correspondent communication model and should be sent to the email address detailed in the editing rules before the date indicated at the "Important dates" section.

The abstracts will be published in the web page of the Conference.

The official languages of the Conference are Spanish and English so the papers, presentations, posters and talks can be exposed in any of those languages.


Rules for the exposition of presentations

The presentations will be shown using LibreOffice digital media or PDF format, and they must be sent to before the conference.

In order to avoid problems with the visualization of the article content we recommend not using laptops others than the ones the organization will provide.

The rooms where the oral presentations will take place will be equipped with projectors and in the computers provided there will be already installed the LibreOffice and Adobe Acrobat Reader, for Linux programs.

Likewise, a background for the sliders will be supplied for its use as default background if it does not significantly interfere with its design.


Rules for the exposition of posters

The poster will be 841 mm wide and 1189 mm high (DINA0), in portrait orientation.

The poster will be delivered to the organization in the Conference place with time enough for its placement in the exposition area.