Oscar Wilde said that a world map that does not include the utopian territories is not worth looking at, because when humanity looks at better lands in the distance, it always sets sail towards them. Progress, said the writer, is the realization of utopias.

The 18th International gvSIG Conference will be held this year. gvSIG is a project that in its beginnings was branded as utopian, unfeasible, and that eighteen years later is more active than ever. After two years in which the event had to be held in virtual mode, it returns to face-to-face, in Valencia, the city that has become in its own right one of the reference centers of geomatics, science and technology applied to territorial management.

We return in the best possible way, joining forces with the GeoLIBERO Network, promoted by CYTED Ibero-American Program of Science and Technology for Development, a network that brings together some of the main entities and people in the field of research in the area of ​​free geomatics. Coordinators of the different GeoLIBERO research groups, from all over Ibero-America, will present their work within the framework of the Conference.

Promoting the knowledge economy, the motto of the event, highlights one of the main axes of the gvSIG project. Recent times are making us more aware of the need to be independent in critical sectors such as energy, health, defense and, of course, technology. Technological sovereignty, one of the slogans of gvSIG, and that must be intrinsically related to economic sovereignty.

It is necessary, today more than ever, to promote projects that are committed to new business models, based on collaboration, solidarity and shared knowledge. It is time to definitively break with technological dependency, with models that do not generate economy and involve spending. The moment to maintain and strengthen technologies that are based on the concepts of cooperation and sustainability. It's time for gvSIG and free geomatics.

Organization committee

General Coordinator:

  • Mario Carrera (gvSIG Association)


  • Álvaro Anguix (gvSIG Association)
  • Fernando García Granada (E.T.S.I.G.C.T Universitat Politècnica de València, Spain)
  • Ángel Marqués (E.T.S.I.G.C.T Universitat Politècnica de València, Spain)


Scientific committee

General Coordinator:

  • Álvaro Anguix (gvSIG Association)


  • Natalie Aubet (Universidad Tecnológica del Uruguay)
  • Nicolás Caloni (Universidad Nacional de General Sarmiento)
  • Marino Alejandro Carhuapoma Hilario (Investigación y Desarrollo Aplicado a Sistemas y Geomática)
  • Nadia Chaer (Universidad de la República y Facultad de Arquitectura, Diseño y Urbanismo)
  • Sandra Lucía Hernández Zetina (Universidad Autónoma del Estado De México)
  • Carlos Lara Peña (Universidad Católica de la Santísima Concepción)
  • Federico José Machado Olivares (Universidad don Bosco)
  • Tatiana Pará M. de Freitas (Instituto Federal Pará)
  • Antonio Pérez Navarro (Universitat Oberta de Catalunya)
  • Neftalí Sillero (Centro de Investigação em Ciências Geo-Espaciais)
  • Felipe Sodré Mendes Barros (Instituto Superior Antonio Ruiz de Montoya)
  • Luis Manuel Vilches Blázquez (Instituto Politécnico Nacional)