gvNIX: Tool for rapid web application development

gvNIX is an open source tool for rapid application development (RAD) with which you can create Java web applications in minutes.

It is a distribution of Spring Roo that provides the set of Spring Roo tools plus a suite of features that increase development productivity and improve the user experience by integrating frameworks like jQuery, Bootstrap 3, Leaflet, DataTables, Dandelion DataTables, among other.

A development environment which includes support to create applications with geographic component Geo allowing a fast development of geoportals for visualization and data management.

Allows to add easily to your application the management and visualization of geographic information, based on tools like Hibernate Spatial and Leaflet.

gvNIX automatically generates pages to display, list, Search, creation and editing of alphanumeric data and geospatial data.

It allows you to integrate on a same application alphanumeric and geographic information that users can exploit such information without using other specific applications. gvNIX automatilcally generates independent geoportals and/or application integrated geoportals.

It is a tool of free software (GNU / GPL v.3), highly productive, flexible and does not compromise the quality of projects.

You can know all project information at project page www.gvnix.org.

Download gvNIX, access quick guide and start using it!