Download gvSIG Mobile for Android from Google Play Store.

  • Cloud Profiles available: When a web server is configured to serve Cloud Profiles, gvSIG Mobile can automatically download Projects, Basemaps, Spatialite Overlays, forms for Notes, and other files. When a user activates a downloaded Profile, Basemaps are made available, Overlays are attached to the Map View and layers are set to display.
  • GPS Location Limitations on Android Oreo have been fixed: Now it is possible to log GPS tracks with the screen off.
  • Values in settings: The settings screen now shows the current values without the need to enter each setting.
  • Buttons size: Button and text size of the add note view can be changed for better interaction in the field.
  • Notes settings: The notes settings view is now accessible from the notes list.
  • PDF export: The PDF export now allows to export a subset of notes.
  • Linked resources: It is now possible to view not only images stored in a Spatialite database when they are related to (geospatial) features but also for example PDF.
  • Full basemaps erasing: In the basemaps view it is now possible to remove all maps in one tap.
  • Mapurl service: Tanto Mapurl service, which was used to download automatically configured mapurls based on WMS services, is no longer maintained and has therefore been removed also from gvSIG Mobile.
  • Mapping points: Better feedback about form name and positioning mode (GPS or Map Center) in actionbar.
  • Export: All exports now follow all the same pattern. They are exported in the gvsigmobile/export folder and their name is made if the project name + type + timestamp of export.
  • Profiles: Activate button for profiles is now on the main cardview.
  • Forms size: Better proportion of forms in portrait mode.
  • Forms save button: Save button in forms now a floating action button to remind user to save.
  • Tile sources: Tile sources icon is now always visible in actionbar.
  • Dashboard enhancements: Visualize number of notes and logs, open notes list on long tap.
  • Internationalization: Translations have been updated.

... and several bugfixes.