gvSIG Online is the integral platform for the implementation of Spatial Data Infrastructures (SDI) and corporate GIS in free software.

It is a fast and powerful solution to implement the necessary infrastructure to manage the spatial data of an organization efficiently.

gvSIG Online has been successfully deployed in private companies, and local, regional, national and supranational organizations.

It allows to share geographic information in the cloud, generate maps and 2D and 3D applications easily, thanks to simple and powerful management tools. Without any limitation to generate geoportals!

It's integrated with all other components of the gvSIG Suite.

The gvSIG Association offers the implementation services in three modalities:

  • SaaS as a service. It includes hosting and maintenance / administration of the platform.
  • On-premise: Installation on client servers.
  • On-premise plus: Installation on client servers with maintenance / platform management service.

gvSIG Online is open source software, licensed AGPL (Affero)